Monday, June 14, 2010

Flag Day 2010

Today is one of those "minor" holidays. No one gets the day off work because it's Flag Day and it's business as usual throughout the country. A few towns and cities across the nation have small parades or other community events to celebrate but it largely passes unnoticed by most Americans. And this "minor" holiday seems to become less important as the years go by.

The big question of the day, (at lest for me) is will President Obama observe this day? Will he even call attention to it?
But why would Obama care? He removed his American flag lapel pin. He doesn't hold his hand over
his heart during the playing of the anthem.
Forgetting to put on the flag pin is one thing. But making a "statement" by not wearing a flag pin is something else.
Does anyone need a reason for wearing a Flag pin? Well, let's see, how about if you are the President?


  1. Great post Debbie! And, happy 235th birthday to the United States Army. I salute our soldiers, past and present.

  2. Happy Flag Day and Happy 235th B-Day to the U.S. Army.

  3. Well said. I love the flag for what she stands for. I wish President BO felt the same.

  4. I'm just wondering why Debbie's Choice would choose a photo of a Chinese hot babe as her avatar instead of an American woman's photo, afterall, Debbie's Choice brags that "she" is a "proud American." LOL!

    Maybe she just admires hot Chinese women?

  5. But we must admit, Debbie is one "cool" Chinese chick!

    Whoops, I mean American chick!

    This is all so curious. How did Debbie get on all these Chinese hot babe internet sites when she's such a "proud American?"

  6. SHAW MAYBE YOU ARE THE PIG! (Whoops, I mean American LEFTIST Pig)

    If you are "so curious" I'll relieve you of that position.

    I do not believe in putting my True picture or anything that may lead to my identity on line as you so stupidly have done.
    So being of Chinese ancestry, I goggled a picture of a Chinese person that appeared to be somewhat of the likeness and age as myself.

    I am not as devious are you seem to be and research everybody's identity and found the "hot babe internet site" that you did.
    Perhaps that is exactly the reason why I haven't used my own picture here on my site.

    I hope that clears things up for you, if not then you know what you can do and where you can go... I'm sure!

    PS... why the interest and infatuation with me in the first place?

    Are you a closet lesbian? I should have known!

    But you were right at about one thing... I am a proud American! That's more than I can say about you!
    Now why don't you do me a really big favor and stay away from mu blog.

  7. And regardless of where I got the picture from Shaw. You knew deep down in your heart that I am not a porno "babe", but you felt that you had to make that you had to post that message anyway. Because YOU are a devious malicious person. As we can see from your attempt to discredit my blog! But you have failed miserably. What a joke and what an awful person you are. You sicken me to no end!

  8. Debbie, sometimes people have a hard time discrediting the points in your post so they tackle you personally.....
    I get that at my place, too.
    Thanks for coming by.
    And, of course, as far as I could see, Obama did do nothing about Flag Day.

  9. Shaw, You must have gotten up on the wrong side of the cage this morning when you wrote that comment..It must be a Bitch being you!

  10. As usual, you guys are wrong, especially "Z."

    Obama Honors Flag Day, Designates National Flag Week

    Published June 14, 2009

    Today is Flag Day, and President Obama says Americans should be proud of Old Glory by flying it wherever possible.

    But please don't let facts get in the way of your irrational hatred of America's president. LOL!

    No. "Debbie," I'm not a lesbian. It struck me as just extremely odd that you went to a Chinese porno site to use a photo for your avatar, when you could have used thousands of others available on the internet, even a drawing as you now have on your site.

    There's a lot of fakery on the net--bloggers especially who plagiarize other people's words and post them as their own, and bloggers who use other people's images and pass them off as being their own.

    Then these same bloggers rant and rave about how dishonest liberals are.

    It's really funny.

  11. Shaw, I'm not one to use off color words but you almost force me to. So I'll try to be nice and just say Please stay away from me and my blog.
    You are not wanted here.

    And for your information I did not go to a Chinese porno site to use my photo for my avatar, I simply went to Google images.
    Now please get lost (forever)!
    I don't go to your site so stay away from here.

  12. Flying my flag for the 4th for SURE!!! And it's on Sunday, so wear one at church.

  13. Shaw kindly stay away from me and my blog.

  14. hey there Debbie..HAVE AN AMAZING 4TH OF JULY my friend..hugs!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Debbie, you have to ignore people like Shaw, she's a American hater herself, just like Obama is.
    I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July.

  17. Sadly, it seems only the people who have placed themselves in harm's way and seen friends pay the ultimate price for liberty have respect for the flag and what it represents. Roland

  18. Debbie,

    I randomly found you when searching for some comments on the Obama vacation issue. Seems very interesting. Wish you had a facebook site. I don't know how to automatically get feeds from blog sites like this.
    If you have a facebook page please let me know.
    (I am a Veteran too, and am Asian-American... with a bit more non-Asian in the face)

    Semper Fi, (and thank you for your service)
    JD Sparks

    I am jdsusumu on facebook.

    jd at jdsparks dot com if you need it.

  19. Thanks Debbie's Choice...for speaking the truth. Thank you for your service and for being an "Unapologetic Patriot".

  20. Wish you had kept up with your blogging. Yeah, I know it can be a slog sometimes. But when you've got something that needs to be heard, SAY IT!

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