Monday, March 30, 2009

Bill O'Reilly Is My Kind Of Guy After All

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, O'Reilly breaks down his past clashes with celebs, including George Clooney and Bruce Springsteen. O'Reilly says that his "job is to watch the powerful," and that "a performer has a forum that other people do not, and all we ask is that they be fair."
When asked if there's any performer who he refuses to watch or listen to strictly based on their political beliefs, O'Reilly answered quickly and sternly. " Sean Penn," he said.
Penn has enraged many with his politics by visiting Iran and Venezuela, and for his frequent criticism of the Iraq war and George W. Bush. During his latest Oscar win for his role as the openly gay politician Harvey Milk, he jokingly addressed the crowd as "Commie, homo-loving sons of guns."
O'Reilly's key beef with outspoken celebs is that they often rattle off their feelings, but never give others the opportunity to question or retort.
"If they believe something and use their TV show, movie or concert to spout off about it, that's fine. But if we have some questions about their beliefs, I think they should answer them -- and not be drive-by people," O'Reilly said.
O'Reilly says he takes his celeb targets "case by case." He says he was "absolutely right" in challenging George Clooney over 9/11 charity details, and Bruce Springsteen "for things he has done at concerts because we want to know what his frame of reference is."
"These are powerful people, and we're not going to give them a free ride. If there was somebody screaming right-wing stuff, we'd do the same thing. But there is no one like that because if they do that in Hollywood, they're not going to work, which is an interesting story in and of itself," O'Reilly said.
You can add Barbra Streisand and Susan Sarandon to that list Bill.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Is Obama Getting Pissed Off A Bit?

Having faced almost unanimous Republican opposition to his stimulus plan, the president is now embracing confrontation over conciliation. Republicans already are tagging him with the “tax and spend” label, for his proposed $1.3 trillion in higher taxes over 10 years and broad expansion of a government role in health care and other areas.
Republicans don't need to tag Obama with the "tax and spend" label. He's doing just find at doing that all by himself.
about time Obama got called-out on his incredulous statements and
disingenuous "goals". He's been writing his own story while the MSM just
parrots it for far too long, and very little of it squares-up with
reality. Maybe the press could do their job already, we've had enough
articles on Obama's puppy-vetting process and how he likes to play basketball. -

Obama couldn't deliver the type of temporary, targeted, and timely "stimulus" he repeatedly promised. He clearly lacks the the political stature to control Pelosi and Reid... who hit the trough hard, while bickering like siblings. - Now all three of them want to spend more... and soak the job-creating entrepreneurs and small businesses to pay for their
socialist binge.
One could make the argument he knows his legacy will already be in shambles. By 2010-2012.. and is ramming through as much of his far-left agenda as he can before the day comes when people cringe at the mere mention of his name... sure seems like it..
The evil one may be gearing up for a fight but sounds to me like the great American citizens are too.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The POTUS feels so threatened by a conservative radio host that he goes on the attack through henchmen!

Barack Obama's chief of staff cast radio talk show personality Rush Limbaugh as the top figure in the Republican Party on Sunday, suggesting that his desire for the president's economic policies to fail is a position held by the GOP. Chief of staff Rahm Emanuel said Limbaugh is the "intellectual force" of the GOP and Republicans now have to live with that choice. I can't believe that the Obama Administration is so thin-skinned and incompetent that they continue this ongoing spat with a radio talk show host. Can you imagine if Bush tried to pull off this type of thing? Obama is strictly minor league.
These Chicago thugs can't go away soon enough. What progress was it that ya'll produced in Chicago? They have never been about helping anyone - it is just about their own advancement and power. We are not all as stupid as you think. Please spare us your drivel, Rahm you and your friend Eric Holder are two little Winnie cowards.