Monday, February 15, 2010

The Liberals STILL just don't get it!

Scott Brown wasn't driving a pickup truck last night. He was driving a bulldozer and he drove it right through a little place called Camelot. When he was done he parked it right in the middle of that place, got out of the bulldozer, began walking away with his back to the bulldozer, pulled a detonation device out of his pocket and blew the whole damn place to hell!
There was even a guy named Kennedy on the ballot!
And I bet you liberals still won't get it...we don't want your entitlement crap, we here on the Right work for our money.
Now let’s kick ass in 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010


There are too many people, fanatics on both side, who base their vote on not on a candidate, but on who they hope their candidate will nominate to the Supreme Court on the supposition that a case may perhaps make it to the Court in the next four years that may have some national implications on this issue.

This is BS

Vote on foreign policy. Vote on national tax policy. Vote on deficit spending. Vote on going to Mars. Vote on something, anything, that actually belongs at the federal level.

Abortion, as divisive and poisonous issue as it is, should be left to the states, much like the death penalty. When we have a real national consensus on this issue, we can codify it at the national level. Until then, keep the federal government out of it. I do not want to be held hostage by the wackos that think pro-choicers enjoy having abortions or the wackos that think pro-lifers want women treated like barnyard animals

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Tries to get PC, and Falls Flat on Her Face.

Nancy Pelosi , appearing before the Democratic National Committee winter meeting this morning, was illustrating the diversity of the Democratic party by painting the touching scene of FDR's final train ride from Georgia to Hyde Park. Then she stumbled.
And here comes the "good" part!

"There were farmers and black Americans, whatever the name was in those days, Afric- uh -- large numbers of African-Americans, poor people, middle class people, everyone. . . they lined the tracks to pay their respects," Pelosi told an audience at the Capitol Hilton.

Pelosi haters, and there are plenty of them, are likely to compare the remark to Leader Harry Reid's private comment that President Obama didn't speak in "Negro" dialect.

In fact, her gaffe couldn't have been more different.

Reid was privately using anachronistic, offensive language he'd never use in public, thinking his comments would never see the light of the day.

Pelosi, it appears, got into trouble for the opposite reason: She was trying to come up with the most PC way of describing African-Americans in a public forum -- in hopes of offending no one -- and wound up with a very un-PC quote that is likely to cause at least some offense.

Pelosi, its time to hang it up. Although you talk like your a friend of all blacks and always been your a closet racist and you got caught.

This is what happens when you have to be ....Politically correct...This happens when people take "offense" ...This happens when elected officials let their "true" thoughts come out.