Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Tries to get PC, and Falls Flat on Her Face.

Nancy Pelosi , appearing before the Democratic National Committee winter meeting this morning, was illustrating the diversity of the Democratic party by painting the touching scene of FDR's final train ride from Georgia to Hyde Park. Then she stumbled.
And here comes the "good" part!

"There were farmers and black Americans, whatever the name was in those days, Afric- uh -- large numbers of African-Americans, poor people, middle class people, everyone. . . they lined the tracks to pay their respects," Pelosi told an audience at the Capitol Hilton.

Pelosi haters, and there are plenty of them, are likely to compare the remark to Leader Harry Reid's private comment that President Obama didn't speak in "Negro" dialect.

In fact, her gaffe couldn't have been more different.

Reid was privately using anachronistic, offensive language he'd never use in public, thinking his comments would never see the light of the day.

Pelosi, it appears, got into trouble for the opposite reason: She was trying to come up with the most PC way of describing African-Americans in a public forum -- in hopes of offending no one -- and wound up with a very un-PC quote that is likely to cause at least some offense.

Pelosi, its time to hang it up. Although you talk like your a friend of all blacks and always been your a closet racist and you got caught.

This is what happens when you have to be ....Politically correct...This happens when people take "offense" ...This happens when elected officials let their "true" thoughts come out.


  1. How noble of Pelosi. I guess anyone too stupid to tell the same lie twice in two days to a group of reporters can be cut some slack for not keeping up with the most politically correct way to refer to black citizens.

  2. I have learned over my lifetime that the term "African-American" is simply PC, and sometimes - while not necessarily offensive, incorrect in the eyes of some Black persons.

    My friend Cliff who writes 'Another Black Conservative' blog describes in his blog profile, "[...]I never took to the term African-American. I have meet too many real Africans who are now Americans, to ever with a straight face say we share something in common other than skin tones. Their history and culture is truly a unique and is a completely different experience from my own. My culture is distinctly American[...].

    Anyway... it is certainly interesting to watch politicians stumble over themselves at moments like the one you describe. A person who had no concern over political correctness would have simply said "Black People" I'm guessing.

  3. Well, you posted this on my birthday....and sadly, these comments got no traction at all over the intervening two weeks.


    Because with a decidedly left-wing mainstream media, liberal gaffes are "politely ignored," only Conservative's miscues are "grist for the mill."

    THAT'S why the left reviles FoxNews and Talk Radio, because they offer a non-leftist point-of-view, which has effectively eliminated the left's monopoly of news and opinion.

    What SHOULD BE astounding is that a fetid ideology (leftism/liberalism) that numbers at highest around 20% of the American populace, compared to the 41% of Americans who consider themselves Conservative ever was able to forge such a monopoly over the media.

  4. Just read their own words. Libs//progressives//socialists//communists (whatever) will give you a tell every time. Barak Obummer told Rohm "Deadfish" Emmanuel the other day that "The American people just won't eat the dogfood"--meaning--stupid teabagging, working, middle class crackers--take it down the throat and like it! If you refuse you will be declared a racist (see Farakan's remarks) and we will have you for lunch! Have the cajones to stand up to these gangsta' thugs in your own town like I do. It's time to step it up a notch.