Thursday, January 21, 2010

Obama Wants to Bankrupt America

You pathetic little economic illiterate liberals. Don't even see the game that your Dear leader is playing.
You can't see that his agenga is to bankroupe America so that we would be crying for his SOCIALIST programs! Obama is attacking the very sources you socialist twits need to pay for your cradle-to-grave welfare state, and you cheer. He twists the knife in the back of the US economy, and you cheer.
Barack Obama promised Americans that he would get the economy back on track. Obama promised he would end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama promised to improve everything. What is actually behind President Obama's plan? Does he really want to improve the economy and bring our troops home? Does he really want to help ease the burden for small businesses? I wonder what the words "fundamentally transform America" actually mean. What is behind Obama's plan for America?

The current health care bill is not about providing quality affordable health care. South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson proposed an amendment that would force members of Congress to receive the same quality of health care that is in the bill. Surprisingly, none of the members of Congress who supported the health care bill voted for the amendment. The public would receive the quality of health care that members of Congress rejected.
Obama's plan to bankrupt America by spending billions of dollars on a failed economic stimulus package, one trillion dollars on health care, billions of dollars on cap and trade, and billions more on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will succeed if it is not stopped. Why are we spending money we do not have? When you shop, do you spend money you don't have? No, because you would be in debt. And if the debt accumulates into larger proportions, then it is only a matter of time before you file bankruptcy. This is common sense, but President Obama continues to slam his foot on the accelerator. Several days ago, President Obama stated in a speech to the Brookings Institute that America must continue to "spend our way out of this recession" as long as there is a high unemployment rate. If he cares about the future of this country, why does he keep spending money when we are in a recession? The national debt is at $12 trillion and is projected by the White House to double by the next decade. This is why I believe President Obama, as stated before, wants to "fundamentally transform America."

Do you still have your doubts? What if I'm wrong? This would make me into a complete idiot, which I am fine with. But what if I'm right? It would be too late for you to stop it and the outcome would be worse for all of us. President Obama's policies will not affect you now, but they will in ten or fifteen years.
In case you didn't know it, we're already bankrupt. If the government were a private citizen they'd all be in a soup kitchen and living in a flop house.
America is not the same America we knew befor. This America is not the America that I went into the military to fight for. The real America would not put up with all these lies and these false promises ? the American people would have done something about all of this? America cant you see what is happening? obama is not a real American. I'm not saying that he isn't a citizen, I'm saying that he;s a Marxist, and not my kind of American and I din't think he's your kind either. They lie about Obamas approval rating lie about his background. What do we the American people really know about obama. All we know is what he wants us to know. How stupid can we be?He walks around with his nose in the air like he is better then anyone else, So he's is the 1st black president, so what! Wake up USA, the enemy is here, in the white house.
Barack Hussein Obama's budget plans will create $9.3 trillion dollars in deficits during the next decade. And, he doesn't seem bothered in the least by this astronomical sum, well I am!


  1. Well said. He is determined to expand the government at all costs. I think Obama's grand legislation is doing more to destroy America than Osama could have ever dreamed of doing.

  2. It's really hard for most Americans to wrap their brain around this reality. Obama and company are hell bent on destroying our country.

  3. Kind of a done deal now. . . . .

    But hey, he's got 3 more years to to bury us.

  4. Oh my, you a r e stupid.

  5. Ok so what if we are wrong about Obama so be it. But just think What if His agenda is to bankroupe the country.Let's make sure we have people in congress to what our back.Myself I don't trust him.Let's not foget he is a politician and the one with the most power.

  6. Just wait for the next bright move which will be to print billions more dollars which is causing inflation and the nail in the coffin will be rising interest rates and removal of tax credit for home mortgage interest.