Sunday, May 17, 2009

The commencement speech at Notre Dane

Obama spoiled graduation ceremonies for a more than de minimis number of University of Notre Dame students and/or their close family members by delivering the commencement speech and accepting an honorary degree.He did so to advance his political and ideological interests.It's difficult to blame Obama much for injecting himself into Notre Dame's graduation ceremony. Nearly all of the blame surely lies with Notre Dame.

While the Press in general is focusing on Obama, chin lifted in lofty arrogance per usual, doing the "why can't we just get along" deal, I have yet to see ONE MENTION of his three votes while in the Illinois legislature, the ONLY yes votes, to put babies born outside the womb via late term abortion into some dark room to die of dehydration and exposure. Or the fact that he has appointed Catherine Sebelius, a woman with massive campaign contributions from THE late term abortionist in this Country, to mind the store. I cannot imagine the i.q's of those cheering Catholic students (and teachers) at graduation as they gave Obama an honorary law degree. Beyond disgusting. You may argue over when life begins, but not over infanticide.
As I listened and read the reports of his speech yesterday, that's all I could think of: he ruined the graduation day of a large number of students. Obama doesn't care what he destroys in order to further his own ends.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My Mom has 3 children 2 are currently on active duty in the US Army. She has supported all of us through 4 deployments. She always keeps her spirits high and keeps her children hopeful of the future. I love her with all my heart and miss her very much!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Miss California

As our nation struggles with its worst recession in decades, a beauty pageant runner-up, who most Americans probably never heard of three weeks ago, is attracting national headlines.

Such seems absurd given the low interest in these events let alone the improbability of anyone caring about the views expressed by the contestants during the question and answer phase.

Let’s face it: people tuning in to watch such a spectacle aren’t doing so to get a tutorial on current events and pressing issues of the day.

Defying such conventional wisdom though is Miss California, aka Carrie Prejean, who ever since honestly answering Perez Hilton’s gotcha question about same-sex marriage at April 19’s Miss USA pageant has been the subject of over 800 news stories, most of them filled with hatred for this unlikely tragic figure.

The newest attacks include a supposedly salacious picture of the model wearing only pink panties. Although this is a rear view with her arms covering enough of her breasts to avoid a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction and subsequent scrutiny by the FCC, the Left have seized on it claiming she’s a hypocrite to pose so scantily-clad.
The sad thing is this all falls on Donald Trump's shoulders tomorrow to strip her of her title or not. If he did this would be a huge victory for the gays.The picture of her is very tame and Miss Rhode Islans actually did a spread for Maxim Mag and nothings being said about her.Trump's a pretty liberal guy and I'm sure he isn't the least bit offended by Miss Cal. pics but I don't know whether he's a gay sympathizer or not.The most sickening aspect of all this is that Perez Hilton person is going to work at a college as a counselor when he can't even control his own behavior.
It is a shame in the United States of America that an opinion can not be given that the press and the various offended organizations don't make a mountain out of a mole hill. She has a right to believe what she believes

Sick Politicians in Washington

We have many sick politicians in Washington but after the correspondents diner last night you will have to admit that we got one of the sickest in the world in the White House.
I don't know how to cure all that ails the US media, but canceling events like this would be a good start. The press are already too close to the government figures they are supposed to be overseeing, and this sort of thing doesn't help.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good Luck DD2. I Will Miss You

It was very sad to see one of our fellow bloggers DD2 say good bye today.
I know that you gotta do, what you’ve gotta do. But still when the time comes to see his departure after so long, it's a crying shame.
I have been consistently impressed by the commentary he would put into his post every day.
DD2 is a guy that says it like it is and I have never seen him pull any punches. All I can say is that I wish him all the best and hope to see him back here again.