Saturday, May 9, 2009

Miss California

As our nation struggles with its worst recession in decades, a beauty pageant runner-up, who most Americans probably never heard of three weeks ago, is attracting national headlines.

Such seems absurd given the low interest in these events let alone the improbability of anyone caring about the views expressed by the contestants during the question and answer phase.

Let’s face it: people tuning in to watch such a spectacle aren’t doing so to get a tutorial on current events and pressing issues of the day.

Defying such conventional wisdom though is Miss California, aka Carrie Prejean, who ever since honestly answering Perez Hilton’s gotcha question about same-sex marriage at April 19’s Miss USA pageant has been the subject of over 800 news stories, most of them filled with hatred for this unlikely tragic figure.

The newest attacks include a supposedly salacious picture of the model wearing only pink panties. Although this is a rear view with her arms covering enough of her breasts to avoid a Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction and subsequent scrutiny by the FCC, the Left have seized on it claiming she’s a hypocrite to pose so scantily-clad.
The sad thing is this all falls on Donald Trump's shoulders tomorrow to strip her of her title or not. If he did this would be a huge victory for the gays.The picture of her is very tame and Miss Rhode Islans actually did a spread for Maxim Mag and nothings being said about her.Trump's a pretty liberal guy and I'm sure he isn't the least bit offended by Miss Cal. pics but I don't know whether he's a gay sympathizer or not.The most sickening aspect of all this is that Perez Hilton person is going to work at a college as a counselor when he can't even control his own behavior.
It is a shame in the United States of America that an opinion can not be given that the press and the various offended organizations don't make a mountain out of a mole hill. She has a right to believe what she believes


  1. There would have been no backlash at all if she had stated that her position was the same as Obama's who is not in favor of gay marriage either. She probably would have gotten a standing ovation for that reply.

  2. Carrie Prejean is Miss USA in my book and that faggot Hilton can go pound sand. That question had NO place being asked. Period. End of discussion.

  3. Those folks there got enough nerves to demand she live up to her end of the contract and not grant interviews without their permission while they have been going out there trashing her.

  4. In the America I know and love people are not skinned alive for standing up for what they believe in...If we do not begin to address this pathetic behavior by the so-called media and liberals, none of us will be safe. A big kudos to Carrie for being brave enough to be herself and stand her ground. Hopefully, she and others like her can inspire our younger generation to be true to their values and be strong.

  5. Perez is the one who should be fired. His unprofessionalism was profound. He was there to represent the pagent, NOT express himself when a question didn't go HIS way.

  6. I think Prejean has come out of this looking great, while Perez What's His Name- who no one ever heard of before this happened anyway-slowly drifts back ibto obscurity.