Sunday, May 17, 2009

The commencement speech at Notre Dane

Obama spoiled graduation ceremonies for a more than de minimis number of University of Notre Dame students and/or their close family members by delivering the commencement speech and accepting an honorary degree.He did so to advance his political and ideological interests.It's difficult to blame Obama much for injecting himself into Notre Dame's graduation ceremony. Nearly all of the blame surely lies with Notre Dame.

While the Press in general is focusing on Obama, chin lifted in lofty arrogance per usual, doing the "why can't we just get along" deal, I have yet to see ONE MENTION of his three votes while in the Illinois legislature, the ONLY yes votes, to put babies born outside the womb via late term abortion into some dark room to die of dehydration and exposure. Or the fact that he has appointed Catherine Sebelius, a woman with massive campaign contributions from THE late term abortionist in this Country, to mind the store. I cannot imagine the i.q's of those cheering Catholic students (and teachers) at graduation as they gave Obama an honorary law degree. Beyond disgusting. You may argue over when life begins, but not over infanticide.
As I listened and read the reports of his speech yesterday, that's all I could think of: he ruined the graduation day of a large number of students. Obama doesn't care what he destroys in order to further his own ends.


  1. It's really just amazing isn't it? Not only did they invite him... not only did they honor him... not only did they allow him to use their institution as a platform for his radical agenda, but they showered him with praise and adoration. I would be surprised if the whole thing wasn't Obama's idea. He knows that the faculty at Notre Dame lean left. Why not invite yourself over to be built up with praise and give the whole country the impression that mainstream Christians are completely okay with you?

  2. I knew I wasn't alone on this one. For me it just meant a way for him to offer a trojan horse of peace. Lull innocent students into believing he will meet them half way.

  3. NObama is an uncaring asshole. He always has been, and he always will be. Period!