Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is Bobby Jindal our man in 2012

I don't want to get overly hopeful, but there is a chance that the Republican Party might be choosing from among several good choices in the 2012 primary and the one that stands out in my mind is Bobby Jindal.
I saw him Sunday on "Meet the press" and I thought he was outstanding.
But did anyone else notice that when a liberal appears on "Meet the Press", it's a lovefest. But when a conservative appears on "Meet the Press", it's an assault. David Gregory had all his little quotes lined up this morning, but the plan failed because Bobby Jindal has four times the brainpower of the hapless leftist birdbrain, David Gregory, who was taken apart this morning, and left in pieces on the floor.
I predict an assault on Jindal from the left that will make the assault on sarah palin seem mild.
President or should I say Comrade Obama will not allow anyone to challenge him in 2012. Any potential candidate will be trashed and destroyed by the Obama Brown Shirts.

Lets just hope that by the time 20012 comes around, we still have elections.

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's BobbyJindal, and Sarah Palin, for VP in 2012.

I don't want to get overly hopeful, but there is a chance that the Republican Party might be choosing from among several good choices in the 2012 primary, as opposed to 2008 when we were trying to come up with someone who might have a chance to beat either Hillary or Obama.I predict it's going to be Bobby Jindal for President I saw Bobby Jindal yesterday on TV on "Meet the Press", and I was very impressed. Where he walked all over David Gregory and cut him to shreads. He is young, intelligent, and experienced. He has read the stimulus "Crap sandwich" and actually understands it which is more than I can say for most of the members of Congress or the Media. I really hope runs. He will run circles around Obmami or anyone else who tries to go up against him

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Eric Holder’s comments about America being “a nation of cowards”

We've all seen how people's lives have been destroyed by even the most innocent "off-color" comment or eben a joke. The only reason IMUS eventually got a pass is he's a lib. But that whole thing was meant to be a smear on talk radio in general,not necessarily Imus himself.The liberals want to create the impression that talk radio is an unfiltered race bashing fest.So why would any white person in their right mind stick their neck out to engage in talks concerning race? The libs would turn around and use it to smear whole groups of people.It's not as much cowardice but an act of self-preservation.'
But did I miss something, or did we just elect a black president? And didn't the first black president appoint the first Attorny General! The first black man to be a serious contender for his party’s nomination? Where does this racism come from?
Oh God am I sick and tired of the tried-and-tedious “reverse racism” card again.
Racism is alive and well, it’s name is Eric Holder.

Friday, February 20, 2009

We are a nation of cowards?

I too, think we're a nation of cowards as related to discussions about race. Those words come to mind as I think of Barack Obama.
"Where Yellow is Mellow and White Gets It Right."
Hint to Mr. Holder. Americans generally work better without the name calling.
Thank you so much Pamela D. Hart for this wonderful award. I really appreciate it. ... And thank you all for the lovely comments you leave on my blog.

Has It Only Been 30 Days?

It only seems like Barack Obama has been president forever. Actually, as of today, he's been in office for exactly one month. Granted, with 47 months to go in his term, it's too soon to render a verdict on the Obama presidency. But surely a few early reflections on the Obama Revolution in Washington are apt. Campaigning is governing. Does Obama loathe Washington? It sure looks that way.
Obama the market killer. The Dow opened at 8281.22 on the morning of Obama's inauguration. Today it opens at 7465.95. And that don't count today as I just took a look at the way things are going it's going to be another down day today. That's a vote of practically no confidence in Obama's strategy for reviving the economy. The numbers were worse on the biggest days of the Obama presidency. The Dow fell 332.13 points on inauguration day, 381.99 points on the day Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner announced step two in the bank bailout, and 297.91 points when the president signed the stimulus bill three days ago. Financial markets are a bet on the future. The market's view is that an Obamanomics-driven economy looks grim.
I think we do know what his 'core value system' is. He is a liberal socialist and the Democrats believe they have a clear mandate to slam it down our throats and they are going to do that as quickly as possible before people catch on.
It seems to me that he has done more harm to this country in one month than any other President (even including Cinton and Carter) we have ever had.I think that this is now a socialist country and there is NO turning back. You cannot make one of those democrat congressmen and senators agree with that so, we will just sit here and watch this country go do the drain. There is nothing we can do. Soon the people who voted for Obama with come to life and realize what they have done when they don't get the FREE handouts they thought they would be getting. But will it be too late?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama signed the largest spending bill in U.S. history, he pledges will save millions of jobs and bring the country back

President Obama will venture out of the White House on Tuesday for a Western swing that will see him sign into law the $787-billion stimulus package and roll out a plan meant to keep struggling families from losing their homes.. Last week, Obama traveled to Indiana., and Fort Myers, Fla., for town hall-style events intended to pressure Congress into passing the stimulus bill. Recognizing that congressional Republicans were gaining traction in the debate, Obama aides scheduled the trips to refocus attention on ordinary people. And said that he would be making trips like this at least once a week. Can you imagine if President Bush was making trips on Airforce One once a week and preaching to the rest of us about "CONSERVING"?
Instead of running all around the States, maybe he should hang out in the White House a little bit more and try to figure out what he's doing!
All Obama knows is to venture out of the White House and campaign? Why is he still pushing this? Doesn't he realize it passed already? I guess that he likes his new airplane so much he just sits around thinking up excuses to take it out for a spin, and spend some more of the taxpayers money. How does that old saying go?: "Money talks and excrement walks".
I am so angry about this and I have no hope, no confidence, and very little support for leaders who lie! I do wonder how the new President will explain all the earmarks and pork in the Stimulus Bill that no one in Congress had a chance to read? Well as I type, the Stock Market is doen another 254.30 points, thats what investors think about the Stimulus package..
If he really wanted to create 1 few million jobs, he could have done it without that bill, all he had to do was to deport a few million illegals.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bush wasn't polarizing!

What liberals and their elected and unelected leaders do and say in public, like vandalizing the White House, stealing top secret documents, producing plays and movies about assassinating President Bush, leaking national secrets for political gain, leaders of your party calling president Bush a liar for coming to the same conclusions they did based on their own assessments even before he took office, badmouthing the nation overseas, rampaging GOP headquarters, destroying public and private property and on and on…
This is not the understandable and normal name calling and bad mouthing that goes on among ideological peers, but a whole different level of rank immaturity, anti-Americanism and thuggery that simply doesn’t exist on the right.
We “tortured” a total of three people, which got us the intelligence to foil several plots, the airline plot which was very close to execution among them. And you can argue all you want that it wasn’t proven that Khalid Sheik Mohammad and his cohorts were terrorists, but you’ll only look like an ass. So I guess I should expect you to.
What is funny here is that Barack Obama signed an order saying no more torture, but left himself as the sole decider on when and if it needed to be done he can authorize it. What is wild is he did not define the torture techniques he would authorize ie. waterboarding, only techniques listed by the CIA. In other words, secret stuff. Can you imagine the howling if Bush did that? The media would have picked it apart, but when the one does it, they are virtually silent. If you posters are so opposed to “torture” really want to defend the integrity of the USA, you would say something about the executive office giving themselves so much power on day one! If you really trust this president that much? Am sorry to say it but..You are all fools.

Obama Really Believes It

I’m always astounded by narcissists like Obama who believe there is no limit to their ability to charm and persuade - aka manipulate. It’s typical for these people to have incredible delusions about themselves, believing anyone and everyone will swoon in their presence.
Those who don’t swoon are mentally dismissed by Obama and other narcissists as people so flawed in their perceptions that they are not to be taken seriously at all.
Obama has been in a unique position his whole life to be spoon fed tripe about how great he is. Unfortunately, the man IS a narcissist and what would be support and encouragement for a normal personality has fed this narcissist into the fraud we see today sitting in the White House.
He really believed he could charm Republicans into going along with him. He really believed, as President, the entire country would finally see his greatness and fall to our knees and adore him. He really believes terrorists and rogue leaders will be persuaded by his “beautiful mind and soul” to give up their evil ways.
Maybe Obama really thinks that he is the Messiah, He is the Chosen One, He is the Saviour. Who knows what he thinks?

Friday, February 13, 2009

He is the President of The United States! Good Grief!

W republicans and e conservatives warned you that the Presidency was not for on the job training, but look what we imbecile that thinks he's god because he won. To tell the truth, this is NO victory for the average American person, you know the ones, they actually Are responsible for their own lives and pay out of their own pockets for the things they own. Unlike the whinefest on the Lib left looking to government for their latest handout and always crying cause it's never enough.
Tax cheats are the least of Obama's ethical problems.The man has grabbed every liberal special interest group in the country while claiming to be a unifier, and a changer, and a moderate president for everybody. Yet he throws the average working stiff 13 bucks a week while stuffing Wall St. fat cats and the union bosses billions. Just about everything he's doing would probably violate the equal protection clause of the Constitution. The toungue lashing the Dims gave the banking CEO's was nothing but a stunt to make people think they aren't in bed with them. And now he has even done a 180 degree turn on that! Geither is getting ready to shovel more billions down their throats with mandates on who to lend it to.We have to depend on leaks to get the truth instead from Obama's mouth.
And you dimwits on the left thought God OBama was gonna make all of you lazy twits rich. What a laugh! Can YOU say...useful idiot?

Obama Believes He Can Charm the World

Obama and the liberal elite have convinced themselves that the violence in the world is the fault of America and Israel, due to our “foreign policies.”
Obama appears to believe that the world, and the Muslim countries in particular will now recognize that they have a friend in America, and will be happy to accomodate us now that we rid ourselves of the “evil” President Bush. They’ll lay down their swords and their IED’s, begin treating their women almost as well as their animals, and stop chanting “Death to America,” every time they have an opportunity.
We’ll all hold hands and sing “We are the World,” followed by “Kumbaya.” Then we’ll all be drinking that free Bubble Up, and eating that rainbow stew…
So NOW the MSM is starting to question the empty suit. To little too late. We were warned over and over that this man had an agenda and it is socialism. He kept his mouth shut through the campaign which was interpreted as prudence,circumspection, intelligence and messiahic. Well guess what? He is what he is and has always been- a Marxist. Just wait until the MSM tires of Obama's obfuscation, aloofness and touchy intimidation of reporters.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The PORK In Obama's Stimulus Bill

Why is the media only half hearted over Obama's big stimulus plan victory? Maybe they dont like the Dems being isolated as the perps of the largest treasury heist in the history of the world. They are totally feeling cheated that they can't hail this as "bi-partisan" support.Maybe they saw that public support for the bill was eroding despite all the Obama hoopla.Obama isn't winning anyone over with his my way or the highway style. Of course the sychophants are on board but a lot of people are feeling bamboozled by this guy.Thankfully most of the republicans held together opposing this insanity.We just didn't have the margin for error with the three traitorious Turn-Coat republicans bucking the party.

Ladies and gentleman, Conservatives & Liberals, republicans & democrats, Liberatarians & Independents

Please call speaker Pelosis office and demand that this new bill be placed on the internet to demand disclosure!! According to my senate representation, Speaker Pelosi is having the contents of this bill be assembled behind closed doors not by senators but by her "People" and the body of this bill is still unknown to your representation. The congress will be required to hotshot a vote on this bill without having the chance to read the damn thing (as usual). This is the largest spending bill in the history of the World and we need to be able to see what is in it. She claims that we have the most "Transparent and moral" congress under her leadership yet she doesnt want us all to see what she snuck into the bill at the last minute. Call her AND email her and demand that the contents of this bill be put on the internet for all to see at least 72 hours before the bill is to be voted on. Dont just take the "Messiah's" and Nancy's word that this is the best thing for the "Masses". Demand that we read the bill for ourselves so we can see what potential issues this bill can and will force on our day to day lives (like the backhanded socialization of medical care). We are out of time but the power of the people can and has made a difference. She is terrified of her contituants and wants to keep your vote so she maintains her "sweetheart" deal. Force her to listen and do her job. It is time for the silent majority to finally speak up. I have called and e-mailed her for the first time in my life because it is finally time get involved.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Will It Be Jindal vs. Obama?

We've already got a national showdown of Jindal vs. Obama – and it's not even 2012. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, widely seen as a potential 2012 GOP presidential contender, will deliver the Republican response following President Obama’s nationally televised Address to the Nation on Feb. 24, Republican congressional leaders announced in a joint statement today. “Gov. Jindal embodies what I have long said: the Republican Party must not be simply the party of ‘opposition,’ but the party of better solutions,” said House Minority John Boehner. “His stewardship of the state of Louisiana, dedication to reforming government, and commitment to bringing forth new and innovative ideas make him a leader not just within the Republican Party, but in our nation as a whole.” Jindal has indicated he's not interested in running for president, but he's certainly taking on several high-profile Washington speaking roles lately. Jindal has also been tapped to headline the National Republican Congressional Committee’s March Dinner – a forum that in past years was given to President Bush.
We will see if Bobby can actually put forward real conservative ideas to counter the socialist pacifism of Obama , Nancy and Harry. Will Jindal actually place ideas in easily understood calculations which would show why the Porkulas is not stimulation except for the growth of Socialist Govt.? Will he give some plan that many Pubs would agree upon in a way that even the non-producers in the nation will understand why class envy, fear, and lust for power by the liberals is not the way to deal with a recession? If he does, he could change the scenario for some Pub comebacks in the House elections as well as changing the minds of so many of the welfare mentality people that are worshipping at the Faux Messiah's altar. I hope he does. Some one other than Rush and Sean have to stand up for free enterprise.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reagan Never Blamed Carter . . .

Nor did Bush blame Democrats. The closest he came was saying that he inherited a recession which was simple fact. Nothing wrong with Obama saying the same, but what he is trying to do by blaming “the failed policies of the last 8 years” is not acknowledge truth, but to manufacture it and plant it in the public’s minds. Democrats are all too aware that “a lie oft repeated becomes truth” and have mastered the technique.

When Obama criticizes Bush, he doesn´t sound presidential, he sounds like he´s campaigning.

Reagan Nver Blamed Carter . . .

Nor did Bush blame Democrats. The closest he came was saying that he inherited a recession which was simple fact. Nothing wrong with Obama saying the same, but what he is trying to do by blaming “the failed policies of the last 8 years” is not acknowledge truth, but to manufacture it and plant it in the public’s minds. Democrats are all too aware that “a lie oft repeated becomes truth” and have mastered the technique.
When Obama criticizes Bush, he doesn´t sound presidential, he sounds like he´s campaigning.

Change in Washington? No! It's The Same As It Ever Was

So much for post-partisanship. Not a single House Republican crossed the aisle to vote for the stimulus package, and just three GOP senators made the leap. Last week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi brushed off calls for a bipartisan consensus as mere “process,” hardly relevant to the passage of the $800 billion-plus plan. Democrats are carpet-bombing the districts of vulnerable Republicans with negative ads. At noon Wednesday, Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price stood outside the Speaker’s office and claimed “there are more shady deals going on behind closed doors.” While no one expected Obama’s pledge to fix our “broken politics” would be met quickly or easily, the first month of the new administration has been marked by extreme polarization, with hints of more to come.
I just don't understand why it matters to whether republicans voted for it or not, the hideous bill passed. I'd think you'd be jumpin' for joy that your party is going to save the country. You want the republican party to disappear, so now's your chance. The Messiah signs the bill, everybody gets a job and we will be forever indebted to your party for a really long time, maybe forever.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tim Geithner Tax Cheat!

After the fact, people are wondering what Democrat tax cheat Geithner is bringing to the table. Yesterday the market dropped 350 points because he came off as an empty suit not prepared. And he doesn’t have a plan yet. Obama Tuesday, said he didn’t want to take away any of tax cheat Tim Geithners ”thunder” by giving away any details. It is possible Obama didn’t have a clue that Democrat tax cheat Geithner didn’t have a plan yet. Obama won the election almost 4 months ago. Remember the MSM claimed the transition was near flawless. These people are in over their heads. Boobs, dummies and crooks. I’m kinda glad I was one of the 57 million people who knew Obama was an empty suit as well.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Obama’s Change = More of the Same Old, Same Old

Mr. Obama, where is the change?
Looks like Obama's first term will be a continuation of the Clinton Administration.
The dunce has already shattered those illusions by appointing insiders & tax cheats and promoting the porkulous, his unpopular first bill ~ in his first 3 weeks to boot.