Monday, February 16, 2009

Obama Really Believes It

I’m always astounded by narcissists like Obama who believe there is no limit to their ability to charm and persuade - aka manipulate. It’s typical for these people to have incredible delusions about themselves, believing anyone and everyone will swoon in their presence.
Those who don’t swoon are mentally dismissed by Obama and other narcissists as people so flawed in their perceptions that they are not to be taken seriously at all.
Obama has been in a unique position his whole life to be spoon fed tripe about how great he is. Unfortunately, the man IS a narcissist and what would be support and encouragement for a normal personality has fed this narcissist into the fraud we see today sitting in the White House.
He really believed he could charm Republicans into going along with him. He really believed, as President, the entire country would finally see his greatness and fall to our knees and adore him. He really believes terrorists and rogue leaders will be persuaded by his “beautiful mind and soul” to give up their evil ways.
Maybe Obama really thinks that he is the Messiah, He is the Chosen One, He is the Saviour. Who knows what he thinks?


  1. Great points. Obama thinks he is the greatest person on earth, maybe the greatest person ever. Obama has a lot to learn.

  2. He REALLY believes America's darned lucky to have him and that the Soros-Axelrod-Ayers Rasputin types are on his side.
    Wait till he goofs. Then NOBODY will be.
    I just hope America survives that goof. Saying he was 'inartful' or 'might not have made a good decision' won't help anymore.
    Wake UP, obama......half of America is on to you and the other half thinks you're going to save the world. Man, do YOU have a tall order to fill.

  3. You know, you have to be one arrogant SOB to think you can run the nation. Unfortunately, he is about 10 fold as arrogant as that requires...

  4. Did you see the article in the NY Post about he and his wife going out to dinner on Val Day weekend and her leaving with a doggie bag. Real class these two.

  5. After what he did to get the "stimulus" passed (hurry, hurry, Armageddon, etc), I worry that most of what he does will be about campaigning, not governing. Not what's best for the country, but what's best for his image.

    Regarding terrorists: A "ceasefire" would look good for his image, but what would be the price. In Pakistan, the "ceasefire" comes at the price of the implementation of Islamic Law. Will Obama take the same road when he's faced with actually have to battle terrorism ... by exchanging ceasefire for Islamic Law? This is the type of appeasement that liberals love, and Obama would be able to say "I stopped terrorism".

    Sure it may be a bit extreme, but Obama used some extreme tactics to get elected and we saw what he did with the "stimulus". He's lived up to the "slimy" part of slimy politician. I have to say I wouldn't put it past him talk half of America into walking off a cliff.

  6. Nice blog...and thank you for your service!

  7. We have GOT to win back the Senate and a good chunk of the House in 2010. We might be able to fix what he manages to screw up in 2 years, but not 4 years worth of his stupidity. If we don't start now, and I mean RIGHT NOW, America will no longer remain the great country it is and has been.

  8. "He really believes terrorists and rogue leaders will be persuaded by his “beautiful mind and soul” to give up their evil ways."

    I'm not so much worried about what he thinks of himself, i just hope he has the brains to see reality when they DON'T fall for his charms and carry on hating and war mongering anyway. I'm not holding my breath on it though.