Friday, February 13, 2009

He is the President of The United States! Good Grief!

W republicans and e conservatives warned you that the Presidency was not for on the job training, but look what we imbecile that thinks he's god because he won. To tell the truth, this is NO victory for the average American person, you know the ones, they actually Are responsible for their own lives and pay out of their own pockets for the things they own. Unlike the whinefest on the Lib left looking to government for their latest handout and always crying cause it's never enough.
Tax cheats are the least of Obama's ethical problems.The man has grabbed every liberal special interest group in the country while claiming to be a unifier, and a changer, and a moderate president for everybody. Yet he throws the average working stiff 13 bucks a week while stuffing Wall St. fat cats and the union bosses billions. Just about everything he's doing would probably violate the equal protection clause of the Constitution. The toungue lashing the Dims gave the banking CEO's was nothing but a stunt to make people think they aren't in bed with them. And now he has even done a 180 degree turn on that! Geither is getting ready to shovel more billions down their throats with mandates on who to lend it to.We have to depend on leaks to get the truth instead from Obama's mouth.
And you dimwits on the left thought God OBama was gonna make all of you lazy twits rich. What a laugh! Can YOU say...useful idiot?


  1. I am one of those people actually responsible for my own lives and the health and welfare of my own family. It frosts my cookies that because I have health care, I pay every month for the privilege AND twice as much out of pocket should I dare to use that coverage. I have gone about this all wrong! I could be lazy and let the government take care of me. I could be a "victim" and still have most of what I have now. Nothing in this so-called stimulus package will effect me or my family.

  2. I'll make a deal with the government and the asshole in chief. Keep your money-grubbing hands out of my fucking pockets and I won't ask you for anything! Deal? Give me back all the social security taxes I paid in over the years and the money my employers paid in and take me out of the system. You can even keep all the interest that money made. Deal? Leave me right the fuck alone and I won't ask you for a God Damned thing! Deal?

  3. That's a bargain I'd like to make, too, Avg American. I think many other Americans would like to make that deal, too. Barney has the audacity to grill the Bank CEO's after what he and the rest of Congress has done? After this debt bill that Obama is going to sign Monday! We get a meezley 13 bucks a week in our checks and the minorities and illegals get everything for free all the time. Now with this so-called stimulus bill we can pay for even more free stuff for the illegal and lazy.

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