Friday, February 20, 2009

Has It Only Been 30 Days?

It only seems like Barack Obama has been president forever. Actually, as of today, he's been in office for exactly one month. Granted, with 47 months to go in his term, it's too soon to render a verdict on the Obama presidency. But surely a few early reflections on the Obama Revolution in Washington are apt. Campaigning is governing. Does Obama loathe Washington? It sure looks that way.
Obama the market killer. The Dow opened at 8281.22 on the morning of Obama's inauguration. Today it opens at 7465.95. And that don't count today as I just took a look at the way things are going it's going to be another down day today. That's a vote of practically no confidence in Obama's strategy for reviving the economy. The numbers were worse on the biggest days of the Obama presidency. The Dow fell 332.13 points on inauguration day, 381.99 points on the day Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner announced step two in the bank bailout, and 297.91 points when the president signed the stimulus bill three days ago. Financial markets are a bet on the future. The market's view is that an Obamanomics-driven economy looks grim.
I think we do know what his 'core value system' is. He is a liberal socialist and the Democrats believe they have a clear mandate to slam it down our throats and they are going to do that as quickly as possible before people catch on.
It seems to me that he has done more harm to this country in one month than any other President (even including Cinton and Carter) we have ever had.I think that this is now a socialist country and there is NO turning back. You cannot make one of those democrat congressmen and senators agree with that so, we will just sit here and watch this country go do the drain. There is nothing we can do. Soon the people who voted for Obama with come to life and realize what they have done when they don't get the FREE handouts they thought they would be getting. But will it be too late?


  1. Yeah from what i've heard the markets aren't too impressed with Obama. They're seeing the writing on the wall, obama can throw around as much money as he'd like, but sooner or later he's going to run out of taxpayers money and there is only so much debt the nation can take before the citizens wake up.

    The same thing is happening here in Australia, our socialist PM burned through our surplus and now we're looking down the barrel of debt. And true to socialist fashion the money will be wasted on useless programs and that avoid the reality.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way.

  2. Hi, Debbie,'re so right.
    I read this morning that Bill Clinton's urging Obama to not be as gloom/doom as he's been.
    MAYBE this kid'll listen to him, but probably he'll write him off as old school.
    I believe nothing gets by David "Rasputin" Axelrod, and if Rasputin doesn't like it, the O man won't, either (and I believe Rasputin gets his walking orders from Soros)

  3. Debbie, thanks for visiting my blog! I have added your fine blog to my reading list. Also a BIG THANK YOU for your service to this great nation!!!

  4. It seems like he's been in office for 30 months rather than 30 days. And just look at the damage he's done in such little time. What he's going to do in 4 years scares the heck out of me.

    P.S. On an different note. Please take a peek at my other blog, Siren Sense, you have an award.

  5. First let say thanks for your service and HOOWA,from an former-Army sergeant.

    As to Obamabi,he is running down that path of socialism faster than FDR ever did and the stock market is reflecting this with the big drop.

    I also agree with what commenter "Z" said about Obama,for he's an empty suit.

  6. Pamela D. Hart said..."P.S. On an different note. Please take a peek at my other blog, Siren Sense, you have an award."

    Oh my God, I'm so excited

    Thank you Pam

  7. Thanks for 'following'. I can't say how much it sickens me that this Marxist Manchurian Kenyan is in the position of POTUS. Makes me sick. What's left of our rights are eroding everyday he sits in office. The people who voted him into office are getting everything they deserve but the kicker is that we're getting hit with it too. Bush is laughing all the way to Crawford.

  8. Obama is no prize! I am so confused. Bitter clinger or racist coward. I need a Venn Diagram!

  9. I do think the Occupant in the White House is in over his head on certain issues, but I also think he knows exactly what he's doing by trying to ruin the economy. He's a commie through and through and wants to change this country into a third world country. We have to really keep our eyes and ears open concerning this fool and his minions(that includes his shrew of a wife as well). The sooner he is ousted, the sooner I will breathe easier.

  10. Only thirty days. It seems longer.

  11. Debbie,

    I agree that it's easy to slip into the mindset that it's all quickly slipping away, but we can't give up now. The battle for the future of the REAL America- not the Obamessiah's nanny state - is just begining.

    I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for following.

  12. Better get ready people the worst is yet to come

  13. Amen. Yhe only upside is that the faster Obama pisses everyone off, the faster we will come together to take the fight seriously.

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