Friday, October 30, 2009

Note: To Mr. Obama

e don’t want a government health care plan.
Translation: You want a government health care plan that cuts medicare for seniors, raises your taxes, and does absolutely nothing but create another entitlement program in America.

We need real jobs now.
Translation: You want us to create a stimulus package that does nothing more than increase the governments payroll, saves jobs for those still working, imagines jobs for those who are not working and will throw whats left over in cash to the districts where Democrats will be fighting for re-election in 2010. Or, were you refering to the White House holding a “jobs summit?”

We don’t want terrorists or enemy combatants held as prisoners on U.S. Soil.
Translation: You want us to close Guantanamo, buy, refurbish and refit an old outdated prison in Illinois so we can move all detainees in Guantanamo to this new federal prison site.

We don’t want Terrorists prosecuted in the U.S. Under civilian law, with citizens rights for trial.
Translation: Screw you, we’ll do what we want!

We don’t want you to investigate the men and women in the CIA for their role in fighting terror.
Translation: Bush and Cheney were evil, they lied to us and Nancy Pelosi. We really want them on trial.

Once again…we need jobs!
Translation: Oh! You must be referring to all the “green jobs “ that will be created when we pass a “Cap and Trade” bill.

Not new taxes, tax cuts.
Translation: The new green legislation will create higher paying green jobs so you can afford higher taxes.

We want you to secure our borders and quit providing safe haven for illegals in the country.
Translation: You must be referring to amnesty for all so they can legally participate in the new government health program.

We aren’t getting anywhere, there must be a language barrier.
Translation: Right, we heard you! “SPREAD THE WEALTH”, we’re working on it. Remember, “CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN”