Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ladies and gentleman, Conservatives & Liberals, republicans & democrats, Liberatarians & Independents

Please call speaker Pelosis office and demand that this new bill be placed on the internet to demand disclosure!! According to my senate representation, Speaker Pelosi is having the contents of this bill be assembled behind closed doors not by senators but by her "People" and the body of this bill is still unknown to your representation. The congress will be required to hotshot a vote on this bill without having the chance to read the damn thing (as usual). This is the largest spending bill in the history of the World and we need to be able to see what is in it. She claims that we have the most "Transparent and moral" congress under her leadership yet she doesnt want us all to see what she snuck into the bill at the last minute. Call her AND email her and demand that the contents of this bill be put on the internet for all to see at least 72 hours before the bill is to be voted on. Dont just take the "Messiah's" and Nancy's word that this is the best thing for the "Masses". Demand that we read the bill for ourselves so we can see what potential issues this bill can and will force on our day to day lives (like the backhanded socialization of medical care). We are out of time but the power of the people can and has made a difference. She is terrified of her contituants and wants to keep your vote so she maintains her "sweetheart" deal. Force her to listen and do her job. It is time for the silent majority to finally speak up. I have called and e-mailed her for the first time in my life because it is finally time get involved.

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