Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Change in Washington? No! It's The Same As It Ever Was

So much for post-partisanship. Not a single House Republican crossed the aisle to vote for the stimulus package, and just three GOP senators made the leap. Last week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi brushed off calls for a bipartisan consensus as mere “process,” hardly relevant to the passage of the $800 billion-plus plan. Democrats are carpet-bombing the districts of vulnerable Republicans with negative ads. At noon Wednesday, Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price stood outside the Speaker’s office and claimed “there are more shady deals going on behind closed doors.” While no one expected Obama’s pledge to fix our “broken politics” would be met quickly or easily, the first month of the new administration has been marked by extreme polarization, with hints of more to come.
I just don't understand why it matters to Moveonover.org whether republicans voted for it or not, the hideous bill passed. I'd think you'd be jumpin' for joy that your party is going to save the country. You want the republican party to disappear, so now's your chance. The Messiah signs the bill, everybody gets a job and we will be forever indebted to your party for a really long time, maybe forever.

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