Monday, February 16, 2009

Bush wasn't polarizing!

What liberals and their elected and unelected leaders do and say in public, like vandalizing the White House, stealing top secret documents, producing plays and movies about assassinating President Bush, leaking national secrets for political gain, leaders of your party calling president Bush a liar for coming to the same conclusions they did based on their own assessments even before he took office, badmouthing the nation overseas, rampaging GOP headquarters, destroying public and private property and on and on…
This is not the understandable and normal name calling and bad mouthing that goes on among ideological peers, but a whole different level of rank immaturity, anti-Americanism and thuggery that simply doesn’t exist on the right.
We “tortured” a total of three people, which got us the intelligence to foil several plots, the airline plot which was very close to execution among them. And you can argue all you want that it wasn’t proven that Khalid Sheik Mohammad and his cohorts were terrorists, but you’ll only look like an ass. So I guess I should expect you to.
What is funny here is that Barack Obama signed an order saying no more torture, but left himself as the sole decider on when and if it needed to be done he can authorize it. What is wild is he did not define the torture techniques he would authorize ie. waterboarding, only techniques listed by the CIA. In other words, secret stuff. Can you imagine the howling if Bush did that? The media would have picked it apart, but when the one does it, they are virtually silent. If you posters are so opposed to “torture” really want to defend the integrity of the USA, you would say something about the executive office giving themselves so much power on day one! If you really trust this president that much? Am sorry to say it but..You are all fools.


  1. It'll be a kindler gentler torture under Obama ;)

  2. Unfortunately, the far left will never understand this. They are too anti-American to justify any type of interrogation method that might, in fact, save Americans.

  3. What a piece of work the 52% of our fellow countrymen elected. Gesh,I feel so ensured with my freedom and liberties in their hands.

    Okay,I don't, but only trust them in mine,which is currently clinging an AR15.

    As to the torture issue, until we start using Black and Decker drills,cutting torches, or rubber hoses...don't torture.

    Playing loud music,fiddling with the thermostat settings, or doing what is essentially a hazing rite from Yale, it isn't torture.

  4. thanks for the add on my blog......... I am looking forward to reading through your's. Thank you for serving, it is truly an honor and a privilege........Great to see another "warrioress" out there! Kudo's.

    leaves you with a smile.

  5. Great blog, Debbie! Great to see that there really are young patriots out there, and that not all of the young folks are a bunch of Obamabots. Thank you for your service, and I'm adding you to my blogroll.

    And Conservative Scalawag, how much does an AR15 cost?

  6. Good post and great site.

    I think the Bush hatred started with one simple event, he won in 2000. Libs are absolutely convinced (although all evidence was to the contrary) that Bush stole the 2000 election. To make it worse, he had the audacity to beat Al Gore. The libs have never forgiven him and never will.

  7. Hey, is it to late for a do-over? We could let Al Gore be President and NObama can go lead Kenya.

    I thought George Bush was a pretty big spender, until this friggin bozo took over. I don't see how so many people could be so stupid but then, I never drank the koolaid. It must have a very high lead content or something.

  8. Larry T. Durham said...
    "It'll be a kindler gentler torture under Obama ;)"

    Are you saying that Pres. Bush was unkind to the prisoners? Well if so, too darn bad. There are prisoners of war, people that have plotted to kill Americans and that will do so again. People that have bombed the USS Cole etc. Ane you want them to be in a kindler and gentler place? Not me Mr. Durham.
    But if you bothered to check,
    the total number of prisoners who have died at Gitmo through neglect or murder comes to zero. Prisoners at Gitmo get there through capture on the battlefield or through intelligence work and go through an identification process to determine their involvement in terrorism against the US

  9. Debbie, I think you are little quick to throw me under the bus. I was being sarcastic concerning Obama leaving himself the option to torture when he thinks it necessary (notice the wink ;) in my post). I agree totally with your assessment about Gitmo. I am discouraged by Obama's plan to close it. Peace.

  10. Obama's not really serious about protecting this country. He's more concerned about international opinion.

  11. Then I'm sorry Larry and I apologize.
    I didn't realize that you were being sarcastic. No I didn't read the "wink ;)" as a wink.

    But I'm glad that I was wrong. And that you agreed with me.

  12. ...not only do I agree with you, but I think we have far too many empty beds in Gitmo.