Friday, February 13, 2009

Obama Believes He Can Charm the World

Obama and the liberal elite have convinced themselves that the violence in the world is the fault of America and Israel, due to our “foreign policies.”
Obama appears to believe that the world, and the Muslim countries in particular will now recognize that they have a friend in America, and will be happy to accomodate us now that we rid ourselves of the “evil” President Bush. They’ll lay down their swords and their IED’s, begin treating their women almost as well as their animals, and stop chanting “Death to America,” every time they have an opportunity.
We’ll all hold hands and sing “We are the World,” followed by “Kumbaya.” Then we’ll all be drinking that free Bubble Up, and eating that rainbow stew…
So NOW the MSM is starting to question the empty suit. To little too late. We were warned over and over that this man had an agenda and it is socialism. He kept his mouth shut through the campaign which was interpreted as prudence,circumspection, intelligence and messiahic. Well guess what? He is what he is and has always been- a Marxist. Just wait until the MSM tires of Obama's obfuscation, aloofness and touchy intimidation of reporters.


  1. They'll never lay down their swords. They fight because they want to, because they believe it is right and just. Obama's a fool if he actually believes anything he does will bring peace to them.

  2. NObama is a fool whether he believes that or not. We can't afford for him to be learning on the job. He can't handle it and should either step aside, or be pushed aside. Where in Hell is the Supreme Court on this non-citizen issue? They should be doing their job. It seems like no one else will.