Saturday, February 13, 2010


There are too many people, fanatics on both side, who base their vote on not on a candidate, but on who they hope their candidate will nominate to the Supreme Court on the supposition that a case may perhaps make it to the Court in the next four years that may have some national implications on this issue.

This is BS

Vote on foreign policy. Vote on national tax policy. Vote on deficit spending. Vote on going to Mars. Vote on something, anything, that actually belongs at the federal level.

Abortion, as divisive and poisonous issue as it is, should be left to the states, much like the death penalty. When we have a real national consensus on this issue, we can codify it at the national level. Until then, keep the federal government out of it. I do not want to be held hostage by the wackos that think pro-choicers enjoy having abortions or the wackos that think pro-lifers want women treated like barnyard animals


  1. What the Candidates themselves believe is important true, this should not be ignored, but who they choose as the Justices last for decades after they leave office.