Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama Is A Failure

Originally, the promise was universal health care for all Americans but not one bill in the House or the Senate provides that and the main Senate bill mandates health care for all Americans whether they can afford it or not. Those who can't face a fine...or maybe even jail.

Originally, the promise was "affordable" health care but the legislation percolating in both Houses of Congress will drive health insurance costs up, not down.

Once again, reality falls short of promises and actuality fails to meet expectations.

President Barack Obama wanted health care reform to be the centerpiece of his Presidency. Now it could be the failure that limits his time in office to a single term.

If health care manages to climb off its sick bed, Obama still faces the double whammy of a sick economy and an escalating, increasingly unwinnable, war in Afghanistan to doom the legacy of his flagging Presidency.

So much hope.

So much expectation.

So little performance.

Some say it is too early to call Obama's presidency a failure. Maybe it's too late to salvage what's left of his once-promising legacy. His uptick in the polls may be short-lived, a small resurgence of public interest in health care "reform" may die once more details emerge about what that so-called reform will demand of cash-strapped Americans.

The President who promised to keep lobbyists out of government will most likely sign a bill crafted by lobbyists and lobbyists don't give a damn about the ordinary Americans who can't afford health insurance now.

The President who promised to restore hope for America faces a nation of rising unemployment, increasing bankruptcies and millions of ordinary citizens losing their homes while banks and Wall Street continue to get rich.

The President who promised change is delivering more of the same. His administration is no less secretive than that of George W. Bush, his use and abuse of government power is just as unabated as that of the former President. The National Security Agency (NSA) continues to spy on ordinary Americans, the Department of Homeland Security -- the largest, most intrusive government agency in history -- continues to use the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act to deny rights and freedoms to American citizens and government continues to grow at an alarming rate.

This President is one huuuuuuge disappointment.

He's a world class campaigner, but has turned out have zero can do leadership skills.

He's the Commander in Chief of our armed forces and hates the military, so go figure that one out!


  1. Debbie, you should come over to my blog and see what I have concerning the cost of this debacle to the American people.
    I pray people wake up before it is to late!!

  2. Debbie...the only thing we can do is to try and fix it ourselves. First problem I see is insurance. As long as there is healthcare insurance for the day to day..Healthcare costs are going to rise and insurance premiums are going to rise.

    You know what? When the law goes into effect...I will choose to pay the penalty for not having health insurance. I believe that this penalty is unconstitutional.