Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Hope has Changed.

Apparently, the president of the United States doesn't have any reason to stay in his office and deal with the economy, unemployment, the devastation of our Gulf shorelines, Black Panthers intimidating voters, nonexistent border control, the war in Afghanistan, control in Iraq, Iran nukes, the safety of Israel and so on.

He doesn't even pretend like Clinton used to do, with that plaintive whine about how HARD he'd been working. Obama just gives us the finger and goes his merry way, enjoying being the king of the prom

1 comment:

  1. What was the Reagan record on unemployment during his first three years? What was the Reagan record on the environment? border control? cracking down on race-based hate groups? Nuclear proliferation? Military actions abroad (e.g. Lebanon and Grenada)?

    I would have to say, that thus far, especially given that the Obama administration was handed an even worse situation by Bush than Reagan was handed by Carter (at least Reagan did not inherit two wars and a maxed-out credit card budget)