Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Tiger Woods Affair.

The Florida Patrol officers were turned away again on their third attempt to interview Tiger Woods about the incident in which the SUV he was driving hit a fire hydrant and a tree outside his home at 2:25 a.m. Friday. Officers first tried to talk to Woods Friday afternoon, but were told he was sleeping and would talk to them on Saturday. They tried again Saturday, and were again refused access to Woods.
Today Tiger wrote about it in his Face Book, say that it's a "Private Affair"
That to me means that he is GUILTY! An accident is not a "Private Affair", it's simply an accident.

Poor Tiger--he'll only have half a billion if she divorces him. Poor baby. Please--as if that's not enough to get by on for the rest of his life! If he cheated on her, I hope she gets her share. What a pig he is if this is true. And, I feel the same way about women who cheat. If you don't want to get hit with a club, don't cheat on your spouse (male or female). Period.
Under no circumstances would I continue to live with another person who has cheated on me.
While I don't condone any alleged physical violence on her part, if the allegations about his infidelity are true, I don't blame her for being upset. She's the mother of two small children, born 15 months apart. I am sure she has tons of help, but she's still a mother raising those kids and she's the one who carried and birthed them. Adultery is wrong, no matter what, but in this case, the alleged behavior is particularly unseemly.
Adulterers can burn in hell.


  1. And see? Its things like this that I don't understand. Tiger Wood's wife is a BABE!!!!

    I completely understand if the personalities are not there...But break it off with civility and dignity. Not by cheating.

  2. Something happens when they get so rich and famous. Let's hope this was a real eye-opener...but somehow I think it's just the tip of the iceberg.

    I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, Debbie

  3. thanks for your comments guys.......

  4. It just goes to show that no amount of money rises one above human failings; we all have them, some worse than others.

    I feel bad for the kids, they will suffer the most in the end.

  5. Debbie, I'm not really sure if I'm clear on how you feel about adultery. Could you give this post another try & see if you could be just a shade more clear?


  6. You know is was just crazy. First Im thinkin man he must have been wasted cuz this happened at what 2:30 in the morning? Then the press is all over her about being a man beater (with clubs) and then we find out he was having an affair? The second time he did not open the door for cops I was thinking he was drunk. To be honest was a bit surprised he had an affair....Ya just never know. One thing I can tell ya I give them 2 or 3 months tops......