Saturday, September 12, 2009

The difference between libbies and conservatives

The difference between libbies and conservatives? Libbies want the people to work for the government and they will do what the government tells them. Conservatives want the power to be with the individual and the government to be controlled by them, the government works for US.
September 11th, is NOT a "DAY OF SERVICE" It is the day our country was attacked and we do not wish to forget that..

It is a day to remember that the enemy attacks us, and murdered 3,500 of our innocent people doing nothing but minding their own business.
Why do you have to go along with everything that Obama says. You know what they call that! Drinking the kool-aide. Why can't we have a so called "day of service on any other day. Why can't we have a day of service every day and leave Sept 11th alone?
Can't you see that there's a hidden socialist agenda at work!
I will do my day of service on 9/11 by taking my kids and their friends to a 9-11 memorial service.
We Must Never Forget!

I will continue to observe 9/11 the same way I have since Sept 11th, 2002. I will go to my own town’s 9/11 Memorial where I currently reside and that's it. No other service is needed for us to remember that awful day.
And that's what Sept 11th is for. NOT for serving our King.
Not for bowing down to anybody.
Maybe that's the difference between liberals and conservatives?
A National Day Of Service is what we should expect from a president that delivered such a pandering Ramadan message, while failing to acknowledge Christian and Jewish holidays. He wants us to bury the meaning of 9/11 as quickly as possible as it conflicts with his Islam sympathizing agenda.

Sorry, it's not going to happen.


  1. I can't tell the difference between pandering and worshiping.

    Nice blog, and excellent post.

  2. I totally agree with Nickie Goomba.
    By the way, I don't recall apologies when Democrats booed and hissed during the Bush 2005 SOTU speech.

  3. EXACTLY! I figure this NATIONAL SERVICE day either is Obama's way of saying "If we'd done enough Service around the world the terrorists would still like us!! Kumbaya!" OR "let's do this national service day so American kids forget 9/11" GRRRR

    Good post, thanks...fight, fight, fight..we need MORE YOUNG PEOPLE LIKE YOU DOING THIS WORK!! INSPIRE!

  4. Great points. Hopefully we can replace Obama and his friends in Congress soon enough to undo some of the damage.

  5. Less than two years and he will lose his congress.