Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Most Asinine Idea The Asinine President Has Had Yet!

He wants September 11th, the day of mourning to become "A day of service"!
This is all part of the liberal/socialist/communist/Obama agenda... Strip us, the USA and God... Strip all in our world of exceptionalism and we become nothing. Easily managed by these evil people who will us to forget the terrorist attack by radical Muslims on our country and fellow Americans and the heroic response by our fellow Americans. I will honor them and their families with prayer and remembrance. No brown shirt for me. No green globalist manure. I will continue to pray for the innocent victims of that tragic day. And I will teach my children to do the same. And the American flag will be posted at sunrise at this house as it is on every holiday.

What will the impostor-in-chief be doing on that day? Will he be going to a golf course to "check the greens"? Will Michelle be helping out at a soup kitchen in her $500 sneakers on that day? Or will they be flying to Paris for a French diner?
So, our dear leader, to commemorate the thousands of deaths caused by terrorists on 9-11, wants me to pick up trash???
This isn't about 'service'... there are 364 other days of the year for that.

This is how the left works to make people forget.

Sorry, I'm not buying.


  1. great work girl!..ty for visitin WHT..plz come again!!!

  2. Exactly! This crap makes the 912 prostests even more important

  3. Dear Debbies, You are really different!

    Not only pretty, but strong in mentally and personality~ ^^

  4. OK, so I am back! Sorry I have been amiss. I agree with your post. There is a certain misplaced sense of compassion that is going around that will land us back in the complacency years of the Clinton Administration.

    Maybe what Obama needs is an intern.....