Saturday, September 12, 2009

That picture is the overflow onto Pennsylvania Ave. The rally is on the National Mall.

Liberals could only wish for this kind of turnout for a rally


  1. If I'm gonna do a service project, I think I'll go help the family of a deployed soldier, or clean up a military cemetary, or build a section of the border fence to keep out illegals.

    Maybe we should do a community minefield to keep out terrorists? You still remember how to rig a Claymore, Debbie?

    If I'm gonna be forced to do service, it'll be to serve those who serve us.

  2. YIPPEE! We're contemplating going to the one here in LA in an hour or so..not real sure we can.
    Thanks for the pix! I've been out all day and hear CSPAN's showing all of this..I hope it's still on. And thanks for coming by, Debbie. xxx Keep up the good work!

  3. Now, THAT's a beautiful sight! Great job here!!